Power your Business/App/Website with World Wide Events search engine

  • World Wide Events is the worlds most powerful search engine that provides real-time and geolocalized events.

  • Our search engine integrate with Web (just to name the biggest ones) and uniformise the data between platforms.

  • Find up to hundreds of events from big cities to small villages on the entire world in a second.

  • Events are categorized based on a pre-research algorithm made over AI+human analysis.

  • It uses today most advanced technologies with a cloud-only solution.

  • Provide real-time Events based on location (latitude, longitude) in the World.

  • The radious from the central point (latitude, longitude) defaults to 15-25km. In the API it can be changed to a custom value.

  • All our operations are made over SSL/HTTPS and HTTP 2.0 for maximum security and performance.

  • Json API (requires some Developement effort) or fully working and ready to deploy Webview/iFrame.

Pricing - Webview/iFrame

  • For a zero programing solution we have available Webviews for Android/iOs or iFrames for Web.

  • We use a cloud-based (AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure) solution for the backend that provide elastic processing and blazing fast performance.

  • Design made over html5/css3 and Google Material Design. Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, iOs, Android.

  • Reative design that automatically adjust to desktop/tablet/smartphone screen sizes.

  • Details on how to use the Webview/iFrame on the Developers API page.



  • No guarantees. Usage as is.

  • You will be using our main website deployed on Cloud and designed with Material Design.

  • It contain our Logos, trademarks, and Social Networks.

  • It contains 3 Ads per page (Google Adsense).


250€ / month

  • Our logos/naming/social networks removed.

  • Custom HTTPS/SSL/HTTP 2.0 Subdomain on wwevents.fun (Ex: your-company.wwevents.fun).

  • Shared Cloud server and front-end with Material Design.

  • No ads.


500€ / month

  • Usage of your company Domain/Subdomain (Ex: events.your-company.com).

  • Dedicated Cloud server for backend processing.

  • Frontend costumization with logos/naming/social networks of your company.



  • Region/company specific microsites (Ex: Portugal Events, Company Events).

  • Frontend redesign that match company branding guidelines.

  • Backoffice for Event submissions.

Pricing - API

  • A Json API is currently in Development and will be available very soon.

  • To make a request to the API it's only needed 3 mandatory fields: access token, latitude and longitude. Optional: radious and date start/end.

  • More details on how to use API will be available on the Developers API page.

Comming Soon

  • Json API that will allow to interact with World Wide Events search engine.