Website Changelog

Version Date Description
v2.6.5 10/05/2018 - Web: Searching by link with city name or coordinates fixed.
- Web: Improved searching time (performance).
v2.5.9 12/12/2017 - Improved SearchBar for more simple and better usage.
- Scroll performance greatly improved.
- Events with no image show a banner with the title instead a static picture.
- Bugfixes.
v2.4.6 10/10/2017 - Added more sources to the Search Engine: Meetup and Eventbrite + Facebook events.
- New feature: Add Event to Google Calendar, Apple calendar, Outlook, Yahoo calendar
- Share Event new features: share direct link to Event, share to Facebook Messenger and share to WhatsApp.
- New pages: Business and Delopers API for Business proposals.
- Bugfixes and performance improvements.
v2.0.1 19/07/2017 - Material Design improved
- Saves are stored localy for faster and easy access.
v1.9.2 03/07/2017 - Material Design improved
- Bugfixes and performance improvements.
v1.8.6 02/06/2017 - New Interface: Material Design.
- Added categories. All events are categorized for easy/faster searches.
v1.8.0 16/05/2017 - Layout changes and bugfixes.
v1.7.0 15/05/2017 - Interface improovements.
v1.6.0 01/04/2017 - Fixed the search giving less Events then expected.
v1.5.0 15/03/2017 - ShiftAppens 2017 release.
v1.4.0 20/02/2017 - Added support for searching by coordinates.
- After searching added a smal icon next to the events number that show a Map with search location.
v1.3.0 15/01/2017 - Support for Firefox Extension.
v1.2.0 01/12/2017 - Support for Android App.
v1.1.0 01/11/2016 - Added Tiles on Landing page.
- Tiles sow Trending searches/locations.
v1.0.0 01/10/2016 - First release.

Android Changelog

Mobile Apps (Android)
Version Date Description
v2.4.0 10/05/2018 - New Android App with permissions, In-App purchases and Subscriptions. InstantApp for Android (Try the App before install it on Google Play).
v1.8.0 19/07/2017 - Lots of bugsfixes and overall improvements;
v1.4.0 03/07/2017 - New button: Get user GPS and search for events around;
v1.3.0 10/05/2017 - Changed color to Red;
- Settings with new entries;
v1.2.0 01/05/2017 – When scrolling down the Action bar is dismissed for a full wide viewing experience;
– New HD icons;
– New menu option: Settings;
– Settings: Chrome Extension, About, Other Apps/Extensions, Social Media, Close;
v1.1.0 01/03/2017 - ShiftAppens 2017 release.
v1.0.0 20/02/2017 - First release aprooved on the Google Play for Android.

Extensions Changelog

Desktop Apps (Chrome/Firefox/Opera Extensions)
Version Date Description
v2.9.0 10/05/2018 - New interface for Google Chrome and Opera Extensions.
v2.0.0 19/07/2017 - Bugfixes and performance improvements.
v1.9.0 03/07/2017 - Bugfixes and performance improvements.
v1.7.0 23/04/2017 - New improved interface on Chrome Extension. Notifiction for every pre-defined locations.
v1.6.0 01/04/2017 - Opera Extension also available for World Wide Events.
v1.5.0 15/03/2017 - ShiftAppens 2017 release.
v1.4.0 20/02/2017 - Weekly and Daily Desktop notifications.
- The Extension notifies of the number of arround events of your location.
v1.3.0 15/01/2017 - Released Extension for Firefox.
v1.2.0 01/12/2016 - Performance improvements.
v1.1.0 01/11/2016 - Minor fixes.
v1.0.0 01/10/2016 - First Release for Google Chrome.
- Predefine your prefered locations and search them directly by day/week on the Extension.